Using Witch’s Ritual Salts – Magickal Guide

Salt is very powerful in its magickal abilities to cleanse and purify, protect against the negative and enhance the positive. It is believed to have enormously magickal properties in cleansing and removing negative energy, hence its widespread uses for all kinds of purifying and protective magick and rituals. With it’s great power and versatility Witch’s Ritual or Altar Salt is considered a ‘must have’ essential in ritual magick and spell casting.

Ways to use Witch’s Salt

Add to abalone shells, cauldrons, smudge bowls, pots, and plates as incense, use to hold charcoal and incense and to keep vessels insulated, (approximately 2 inches is recommended). Use a salt with the color correspondence that matches your intentions to increase the magickal energy of your smudging.

Salt is also helpful in helping a smudge stick smolder rather than flame.

Use as a protection ritual for your home, sprinkle around the home and then sweep it out the door, especially if a visitor brought negative energies in with them.

Use it to draw protective sigils on paper, or on any surface you want to protect such as your Book of Shadows or Grimoire. Sprinkle a fine layer on the surface you want to protect and using your finger or wand draw symbols, sigils, or words.

Use in to cast a circle, to dress spell candles, stuff poppets or sachets, or add to a witch’s jar, spell jar, mojo or spell bag or another container. A perfect base for spell bowls, color magick, rituals and spell-workings. Add additional ingredients to boost spell intentions.

You can use Witch’s Ritual Salt in these ways and more:

· Place in a dish or bowl on your altar during rituals and spells.

· Sprinkle a circle of Witches Ritual salt around a candle of the appropriate magickal color.

· Carry some with you when you need it in a small bag or twist of paper.

· Sprinkle some where it’s needed or position a small bag or saucer of Ritual Salt near you.

· Use it as an aid in meditation.

· Use for casting a circle or drawing magickal symbols during spell casting.

· Sit or kneel in front of the salt and allow your mind to wander, smelling its power and looking for meaning in the shapes of the grains and herbs.

· Sprinkle onto talismans or possessions you want to charge with it’s power or to cleanse and consecrate them.

· Write your goals on a small piece of paper and fold into it some Witches Ritual Salt. Then cast it into natures power in a fire or into flowing water.

· Place a small open dish of Witches Ritual Salt in your home or place of work to absorb damaging energies. Replace the salt every month (or more frequently if the negative influences are particularly strong).

· Carry in a pouch or add to charm bottles, mojo bags or spell jars to help bring about your aims.

· Use it alone or with other magickal items or as part of a ritual.

You probably have your own ideas of how to use it – your imagination and creativity are the only limits!

NOT for food. Do NOT ingest.

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