Sage Types & Intentions

Most of us have had the experience of walking into a room where there was just an argument, and you can feel it. Maybe you’ve experienced being in the same space as someone when they are fuming mad about something that has happened. There are undoubtedly times in life when the energy needs to be cleared. We all carry energy with us, and extend it into the world, whether we realize it or not. Spending time around negativity leaves one feeling a little off, down, or exhausted. Spaces, places, and items hold the energy they are exposed to, and so do we. Smudging after these encounters gives one an energetic lift.

The magickal correspondences (the energetic association) of several sages are below. These traditional associations can change depending on personal beliefs and with what an individual associates them with. They are adaptable. Through experience, you may find one thing that traditionally is good for something but works better for you in a different way. And that’s OK! The most important aspect is how you feel. We all relate in different ways, feel free to experiment to find what works best for you.

Many excellent smudges come from the genus Salvia (true sages), there are several hundred distinct species of Salvia, but generally only the most aromatic varieties are used for smudging. Mixed with other botanicals, sages make a wonderful base for smudge sticks and loose smudging blends. White Sage, for example, is versatile, effective, and suitable for almost any smudging ritual – cleansing, healing, protection, and meditation.

As you burn the smudge, bask in the fragrance of the smoke, and envision yourself and your space being cleared of energies that do not serve you. Feel the negative vibrations rise and dissipate with the smoke. Feel your heart space being opened, healed, and activated, allowing you to receive all the love that the Universe is waiting to give to you.

White Sage: Clearing, Cleansing, Protecting, Healing, Purifying, Meditation
Perhaps the mostly highly regarded herb to use for smudging, White Sage will cleanse your space of negative vibrations and powerfully uplift any low energies. White Sage gives out a sweet, herbaceous, and slightly astringent aroma when burned. Very versatile and hugely effective, White Sage is used for a variety of purposes including healing, meditation, protection, cleansing, and purifying the body, spaces, crystals, and other items while warding off evil spirits, and removing negative energies.

Blue Sage Soothing, Healing, Cleansing
Also known as New Mexico Sage or Grandmother Sage, Blue Sage smudge has a light, heavenly aroma that’s great for cleansing the energy of your home and inducing calm and relaxation. Its soothing scent makes Blue Sage smudge a great choice for burning during meditation or just for enjoyment. It’s also the perfect alternative if you find the strong aroma of White Sage too overpowering. 

Black Sage (Mugwort) Protection, Endurance, Higher Consciousness, Divine Connection
The strong, heavy aroma of Black Sage smudge is thought to have the power to draw your energy and consciousness into other realms. This is an herb of introspection and inner healing. Also known as Dream Weed, Magical Sage, and Mugwort, Black Sage is often burned before bedtime to promote restful sleep and peaceful dreams. Mugwort is used for astral travel, shamanic journeying, & for protection during such excursions.

Desert Sage Purification, Protection, Positivity, Mental Clarity, Healing
With its warm, herbaceous, peppery aroma (like Bay leaves or Mint), Desert Sage smudge is excellent for cleansing, purifying, protection, and inner strength, as well as to ward off bad feelings and influences. Inhaling the aroma of Desert Sage is thought to relieve headaches, ease anxiety, and invoke pleasant thoughts while the smoke is thought to cleanse, heal, and benefit people as well as the surroundings. Desert Sage is also known as Desert Magic, Sagebrush Smudge, Mountain Sage, or Grey Sage.

Shasta Sage Cleansing, Manifestation, Wishes, Harmony
Shasta Sage amplifies otherworldly experiences as it helps to connect you to your Spirit Guides. It is said that the smoke will carry any messages or prayers you might have to the great spirit of the universe so they can be manifested. This sage helps to amplify the power of your wishes, intentions, and prayers. This sacred plant specializes in manifestation, enhancing the connection with the sacred spirit of the universe. Shasta Sage also has a lighter aroma compared to White Sage.

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