Choosing a Smudge Stick – Magickal Guide

Smudging is an ancient sacred ritual practiced clearing low vibrations and stuck energies and allow positive energy to enter and lift spirits. Today, smudging is used for a variety of similar purposes, from cleansing the home, balancing energy, and reducing negativity to creating a spiritual atmosphere for meditation and yoga.

When you burn botanicals for incense in a purposeful way it’s called smudging, this calls upon the magickal intentions of the botanicals as well as the aroma and color magick properties. Just inhaling the aroma of a smudge stick can be blissful and calming.

Made up of botanicals selected for their magickal intentions, bound together and allowed to dry, a smudge stick may consist of a single botanical or a mix of botanicals, woods and resins. Here is some information to consider when choosing a smudge stick.

Smudge sticks vary in size, however, there are generally three basic sizes.

· Small about 2.5 to 3 inches usually made up of one or two botanicals and burned just once.

· Medium about 3.5 to 5 inches, can be burned multiple times, usually made up of one or two botanicals or a small dressed smudge stick.

· Large about 8 to 10 inches, large enough to burn multiple times, large smudge sticks make wonderful dressed smudges that lend their beauty to the space, prior to smudging.

Basic Smudge Stick: Generally, a single botanical. Smudging calls upon the magickal intentions of the botanical. Some common examples include White Sage, Blue Sage, Black Sage (Mugwort), Desert Sage, Shasta Sage, Yerba Santa, Cedar, Juniper, Pine, Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Palo Santo Sicks

Combination or Mixed Smudge Stick: A couple botanicals or resins, combined in a single smudge stick. Calls upon the magickal properties of each botanical to increase the power of the smudge stick.
Some common examples include Dragon’s Blood & Sage, Desert Sage & Lavender and

Dressed or Artisan Smudge Stick: Like a dressed candle, this type of smudge stick combines a base with additional botanicals, resins, crystals or other symbolic items. These truly beautiful smudge sticks, take on the colorful presence of their “mini bouquet” to support the intentions of the stick’s base botanical. Some items may need removed prior to use. Some common examples include Lavender & Palo Santo

Loose Smudge Botanicals & Blends: A single or a blend of multiple botanicals and/or resins. Burn in smudge pot or on a charcoal tablet or use to dress spell candles.


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