Seeing Auras

What is an Aura and What does it look like?

If you’ve ever been in a room full of people, you may have noticed that some people just seem to have a presence about them – an aura, if you will. Some people would say that’s your intuition or gut feeling. Others might say you’re picking up on their aura.

The possibilities of what you might see by looking at someone’s aura are endless. And learning to read and protect your own aura can be important to your physical, emotional and spiritual health. You don’t have to be a mystic to read an aura. In fact, it’s widely believed we all have auric-sight (the ability to read auras) and could see them easily when we were children.

What is an Aura?
An aura is an energy field that surrounds all living things. It’s made up of different layers, each with its own purpose and meaning. The word “aura” stems from Greek, and in both Greek and Roman mythology, there was a minor deity with the name Aura who was associated with the breeze and flow of wind.

Some people believe that you can see a person’s aura, while others believe that you can feel it. This field which radiates and surrounds an object is often associated with living things, but they can also be associated with inanimate objects.

To the naked eye, an aura may appear as a halo or a glow. However, some people claim to be able to see auras different colors with the naked eye. Others use devices like aura cameras to photograph them.

How to See Someone’s Aura

Every person and every molecule of his body emits energy. To be able to see that is simply about tuning in to a certain level of consciousness.  A good way to begin seeing auras is to practice sensing them. That means paying attention to how you feel in someone’s presence. Take a deep breath, exhale and then focus on the physical sensations in your body and your gut reaction. Ask yourself how being around the person makes you feel–serene? jumpy? agitated? Think about what color you would attach to this person. As your abilities are enhanced, sensing and seeing auras will become easier. Initially you may just see a single colored aura but as you gain expertise, you will start seeing different colors in a single person’s aura. A person’s aura colors can change over time. Changes in personal energy are reflected in the aura, so its colors do not stay the same. If an aura is consistently dominant in one color, you can learn more about that color’s intention and balance out its dominant energy.

Steps to Seeing Auras

  • Step 1: Ask the person you want to see the aura of to stand about 10 feet away from you. Make sure that their background is either completely white or completely black. Also, adjust the lighting of the room as neither too bright, nor too dull. Best is to stick with natural light.
  • Step 2: Now, what you must do is focus on the nose of the person. Don’t focus too hard and let the gaze stay relaxed, such that you also focus on your peripheral view. The great thing about our vision is its circularity, and even when you are consciously looking at the person’s nose, your peripheral view can help you look at his sides.
  • Step 3: What you will begin to see is a shadowy and grew outline to the person’s body. It won’t be too thick and will be very benign. However, you must not get excited and start looking at the shadow instead of focusing straight. Stay relaxed.
  • Step 4: Now, peripherally only, start observing the outline that’s formed around the person. As you do this, the aura will start concretizing before your eyes.
  • Step 5: Take your gaze up from the nose to the forehead of the person but let the movement be very gentle. This will give you a better view of their aura.

Interpreting Aura Colors

Aura colors and meanings are intriguing yet mystifying. A mixture of colors means that there are different energies present.

Red:  Love, Lust, Courage, Strength, Vitality, Passion, Protection, Energy, Charisma, Health, Defense, Relationships, Speed, Health, Vigor, Power, Heat, Potency, Stamina, Sexuality, Confidence, Good Luck, Willpower, Determination, Initiation, Aggression, Control, Strong-willed, Forceful, Hard Worker, Competitive, Impulsive, Fast Action, Prone to anxiety

A Red aura stands for energy, enthusiasm, adventure but also anger and volatility. People with red auras are honest, straightforward, strong, competitive and have an urgent need to be always the best. Red pertains to the heart, circulation and the physical body. Viewed in a positive light, it can indicate a healthy ego; on the negative side it may speak to anger, anxiety or an unforgiving nature. The root chakra vibrates at the color red. It is at the base of your spinal column, and can be sensed or visible between your tailbone and pelvic bone, housing your foundational issues like who you are, your home, career, manifesting powers, sexual energy, and your values. If your aura contains red, it basically means you’re working from a stable base.

Orange: Adventurous, Thoughtful, Considerate, Self-assured, Detail-oriented, Lacking in self-discipline, Prone to kidney or reproductive issues

Orange auras pertain to reproductive organs and emotions. Looked at positively, an orange aura indicates energy and stamina, creativity, productivity, adventurousness, courage or an outgoing social nature. Looked at negatively, it can speak to current stress related to appetites and addictions. The color orange is associated with the sacral chakra, which is located in the lower abdomen and  can be found just below your belly button. It contains the beginning energy of the emotional body, creativity, the ability to reach out to others in relationships and sexual energy. If an aura contains orange, it signals that you’re essentially the emotional equivalent of snuggling up under a weighted blanket. You’re also independent and a realist.

Yellow: Creative, Relaxed, Friendly, Laidback, Playful, Avoids conflict, Sensitive, Timid, Prone to spleen issues

Yellow auras indicate an intelligent and an inventive mind. People with predominantly yellow auras can be logical and sometimes, over critical about themselves. Yellow relates to the spleen and life energy. It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action shared, creativity, playfulness, optimism and an easy-going nature. However, a bright yellow can indicate fear of losing control, prestige, respect or power. They can also be eccentric and workaholics. They are friendly and confident. A yellow aura is tied to the emotional layer of your chakra. This auric layer is located around your solar plexus, just below your ribcage, around the center of your stomach a few inches above your belly button. It houses your personality, personal power, identity, and also emotions. It is the definition of who you are to yourself and the world. Yellow auras means you’re creative, curious, and optimistic. nt.

Green: Social, Communicator, Nurturing, Perfectionist, Quick-witted, Organized, Impatient, Prone to lung issues or asthma

Green auras suggest primarily creative and hardworking individuals. They are determined, realistic and usually prosper. They can also act like perfectionists and can pick a career around gardening. A green aura is tied to the astral layer of the aura and the heart chakra and relates to heart and lungs it can be found in or around your chest. This is an emotional chakra, emitting your sensitive nature. This is also where we provide self-love. When seen in the aura, this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change. It speaks to a love of people, animals and nature. A dark or muddy forest green aura indicates jealousy, resentment, feeling like a victim, insecurity and low self-esteem. People with  green aura colors tend to be compassionate, kind, and loving. 

Turquoise: Teacher, Speaker, Healer, Confidence in knowledge, Readiness to be seen as a leader

Those with a turquoise aura are born leaders. They’ve put in their dues, learned what they needed to, and are ready to take on a role as a leader, teacher, and spiritual tentpole in their community – whatever that may look like for them. Turquoise auras are unique in that they’re great at helping people help themselves. This can make them uniquely effective.

Blue: Intuitive, Spiritual, Freethinker, Intuitive, Understanding, Prone to issues with the throat and thyroid

Blue auras indicate a person that is eloquent, charismatic and inspiring. They can also be intuitive and can act as peacemakers between two angry parties. They may find it hard to maintain a balance between their minds and hearts. Blue auras are related to the throat and thyroid and are tied to the spiritual layer of the aura and the throat chakra, located at the base of the throat. Its positive associations are a caring, loving nature, intuition and sensitivity. Dark shades of blue indicate fear of the future, of self-expression or of facing or speaking the truth. Blue is the color of your throat chakra. It is your means of expression, being you, saying what you need and communicating to yourself and others. Blue auras means you’re intuitive and empathetic.

Purple/Violet/Indigo: Curious, Spiritually connected, Gentle, Imaginative, Daydreamer, Deep inner feelings, Sometimes lacks self-esteem, Introverted, Prone to eye issues, may need glasses

Purple relates to crown or third-eye chakra, pineal gland and nervous system it is tied to the intuitional layer or your third eye chakra at the center of your forehead just above your physical eyes and is considered to be the most sensitive and wisest of colors. This is the intuitive color in the aura and reveals psychic power of self-attunement.  It is your vision of everything you desire to create, the seat of your intuition. You may find you have some sort of psychic ability and are highly intuitive.

Pink: Romance, Love, Generosity, Giving, Receiving, Faithfulness

Pink auras stand for friendliness, generosity, caring, loyalty and romance. People with pink auras make loyal partners and are amazing hosts. They have a high set of morals and hence, hate injustice of any kind. A pink aura is a sign of a big heart. Pink auras may struggle to stand up for themselves and may bend too quickly to the wills of others.

Brown: Envious, People pleasing, Burnout, Jealousy

Brown auras can indicate confusion and indecisiveness. A brown aura is part of the rare set of aura colors that tends to more reflect a disturbance in your life than an accurate reflection of who you are as a person. Brown can also be seen as clouding your “true” aura color – the one that reflects who you are, not what stage of life you’re in at any given time.  Having a brown aura may be a sign that negative emotions are overtaking you or that your current goals aren’t aligned with your true purpose. Brown auras are connected to the root chakra near the tailbone in the human body, our basest fundamental needs for safety, comfort, and security. Those with brown auras may subconsciously weaken or dim their own energy in an attempt to be likable and appealing to other people. They might be used to giving more than they get in their relationships – professionally, personally, or romantically. Those with brown auras need meditative time to recharge. They also need a cozy, happy, safe home. If your aura is brown and you’re looking for healing, take time surrounded by nature. Work with your hands. And give yourself simple, enriching moments each day.t.

Black: Accumulation of fear, Emotional debris, Unresolved grief

Black is probably the most negative color to appear in one’s aura. It is associated with mental illness, stress, depression, hatred and negative feelings. People with black auras are perhaps the deepest emotionally and spiritually than any other type of person. They may have unresolved issues in this life or a past life. It can also indicate the person’s habit of acting miserly. Black draws or pulls energy to it and transforms it. It typically indicates a long-term inability to forgive or unreleased grief and can lead to health problems. A black aura can also indicate potential health problems or clearing and healing (physical, spiritual, or mental) that has yet to be done. If an aura appears black, it’s a sign one might be holding on to some negative thoughts and emotions, which block the flow of energy through the chakras. If you see black in your or someone else’s aura, take it in stride and consider it in the context of the other colors in their aura. That way, you’ll be able to find insight into what issues might need resolution or what problems might need attention.

White: Purity, Oneness with the higher self, Self-mastery, Spiritually motivated, Cosmic wisdom

White is a pure state of light and represents purity and truth. It can mean that angels are nearby or that a woman is or soon will be pregnant. White auras are incredibly rare. The crown chakra, located above your head, vibrates at this color. It connects you to All That Is, Oneness, and the understanding that we are all connected. A white aura is related to the soul chakra. A chakra outside the body that stimulates spiritual growth, divine love, enlightenment, and ascension. A white auric layer keeps each individual layer of your aura confined, balanced, and in harmony. It makes sure no one part of your aura gets out of check.

Gold: Receiving divine guidance or spiritual inspiration, Spiritual frustration or blockage, Divine protection

A gold aura can also mean that one has reached, or close to reaching, enlightenment. Or, on the flip side, it can indicate spiritual frustration and blockage that needs to be addressed before a worthwhile reward on the other side of a struggle. If someone has a golden aura, they may be lavish by nature. They can be vain and proud and thrive on external beauty. They don’t like their flaws exposed and are attention seekers. Gold also indicates enlightenment and divine protection. An individual with a gold aura may be being guided by his or her highest good. For better or for worse, those with gold auras move to the beat of their own drum. They may feel frustrated and overwhelmed by this, or they may welcome it.

Silver Easily communicate with spirits, Blessed, Intuitive

Silver is the color of spiritual and physical abundance. While these may sound all like excellent traits (and they are), a silver aura should be kept in check. Those with a strong silver aura risk being too plugged into the spiritual realm and losing track of the physical realm and the present. The key to a healthy silver aura is staying grounded.

Rainbow Aura: When your aura shows all the beautiful colors of the rainbow, you may feel like your life is more chaotic than it is beautiful. This usually indicates that you have a lot of things (usually good things) happening all at once. While this may feel like a slew of blessings and good fortune, it might also be a lot to handle all at once. Those with rainbow auras may feel pulled in many different directions. People with fewer colors in their aura tend to feel pulled in fewer directions but more strongly and with more focused energy. A rainbow aura is a bit of a double-edged sword. It’s a great opportunity for growth and for taking your life to the next level.  Still, it doesn’t always feel great in the moment.

Seeing Your Aura

Knowing your life colors can be a powerful self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-awareness tool. They can tell a lot about who you are as a person and what paths of life you may be drawn to pursue. The colors of your aura can (and do) change over time, depending on how your life story unfolds and what emotions and situations you find yourself navigating. This means that checking your aura regularly can help you find patterns in your life and the issues you face. It can be a way to check in with yourself, identify areas for growth, and see progress as you become the person you want to become.

If you are interested on seeing your own aura, you will follow a similar process as the above. Below are some suggestions to help you see your own aura. 

  1. Bring your hand forward with your palm facing you, the background being white or black. Focus on the center of the palm and try to see if you can see an outline. You can also squish your fingers together and then spread them apart or wave your hand very gently to make the outline more vivid. This will help you bring your aura to the foreground.
  2. Rub your index fingers together and then pull them 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) apart. Look for colors in the space between them.

Cleansing Your Aura

Feeling lethargic? Anxious? Intuitively blocked? Or maybe you just don’t like someone’s overall energy? Jealousy, gossip, and the evil eye can cause gunk to form in your aura, as your empathetic state may pick up their auric energy. All of these may signify that your aura needs deep cleansing. 

We pick up other people’s energies without even being aware of it. When those energies are negative, they affect our aura negatively. You may have had an experience like this: you’re in a good mood and looking forward to spending time with a friend. You’re enjoying your evening but at some point realize that you’re feeling irritable and anxious. When you get home, you’re in a full-blown bad mood, and you’re not sure how you got there. A situation like this indicates that you should cleanse your aura. Even if your aura doesn’t seem out of balance, it’s a good idea to cleanse it periodically to release any negative energies.

  1. Practice Self-Love: Constant practice of self-love will help you to stay soft and nurtured regardless of what negative energies are flying around all over the place. Daily affirmations, visualizations, changing your inner dialogue, and working with crystals are all ways of weaving more self-love into your world.
  2. Use Crystals & Stones:  Auras are closely related with the chakras and it makes sense to use crystals that work with the individual chakras to help cleanse and balance your aura. Crystals are an incredibly potent and powerful tool for cleansing your aura and committing to your overall spiritual health and wellbeing. Some of the best crystals for aura cleansing are Amethyst, Moonstone, Blue Lace Agate, Lepidolite, and a general chakra bracelet. Basically, look for crystals that have a calming and neutralizing effect.
  3. Taking an Aura Cleansing Bath or Shower: Water is an extremely cleansing element. Take a healing bath and fill with essential oils, healing herbs, and even flowers to bring about natural cleansing. Rose petals, lavender oils, and Himalayan sea salts are all excellent additions for cleansing the aura.
  4. Aromatherapy
  5. Soak Up Sunlight: Another way to beautifully neutralize negative energy is to step out into bright and warm sunshine. The sun has super healing powers, and it’s cleansing pure light is able to simply wash away the darker thoughts of the day.
  6. Use your own breath: Your own breath/breathing is an incredible tool to cleanse your field or to move energy within it.  Find someplace quiet to sit for five minutes and bring in some gentle breathing exercises. With each inhale imagine bringing clean bright air into your body and with every exhale imagine the negative swirl of emotions being released. Begin by closing your eyes and taking a deep inhale. Imagine a bright white light surrounding you, shutting out the darkness, and keeping your aura bathed in brilliant clarity. As you breathe in, imagine you are calling back all of your own energy and life force. On the exhale, imagine you’re breathing out anything you may have picked up that doesn’t belong to you—anything from another time or place. Repeat for at least a few breaths, or as long as it takes for you to feel like your aura is more clear. 
  7. Visualize Your Aura: Sit in a quiet, distraction-free zone in your house. Stay seated comfortably in a position you can relax in for about 15 minutes while practicing breathing exercises. Remain conscious of what you’re doing, and aware of your inhales and exhales. You can even meditate. Once you find yourself beginning to totally relax, form a white light in your mind and have it surround you. Allow it to flow throughout you, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, and visualize it moving up and down your back, near your spine. If you get distracted or thrown off, you can get yourself back on track by re-visualizing the white light and focusing on your breath. 
  8. Discard Your Negative Energy: Avoid negative people or energy vampires. People affect more than just themselves, so be aware of how others affect your energy and vice versa. One way to protect yourself is to make sure you surround yourself with more positive people than negative ones. Spend less time time (or none at all) with negative people, once you figure who they are. Find positive people who always have a smile to offer and have kind souls. These people can help offset negativity in your aura.
  9. Cleanse Your Own Negative Thoughts: Still have negative energy wafting around? Try looking inward. Start paying attention to your thoughts. Are there a lot of negative ones? Take a look at them. Are they untrue, delusional, or paranoid? All the more reason to chuck them out. Focus on the bright side of things. If you are having a really bad day, it’s okay to express your feelings, but don’t wallow in that place. Make your day a good one by treating yourself to your favorite tea. Play your favorite song. Find a friend to hang out with. If you notice that a negative thought is trying to creep in, confront it with a positive one. If you keep practicing this, you will be able to conquer the effects of negative thinking. By cleansing and healing your aura you should feel yourself becoming stronger, releasing negative energy and feeling more at peace. 
  10. Meditation: Meditation can also be used as a preventative method as common practice will reduce the bad vibes from sticking with you. Whether you have five minutes a day or five hours, take time to sit, clear the mind, and cleanse yourself with meditation.
  11. Create a Protection Bubble: This is the most commonly practiced ways of protecting the aura. Practitioners praise it as a beautiful way to connect them to the divine energy, and when it’s done in the mornings, it’s a defining start to the day. Imagine white light coming down from the sky, divine, cosmos, universe, whatever higher power resonates with you. Connect this light to the crown of your head, and then let it spill out over you and down under your feet. You are now surrounded by a white light bubble. White is pure and highly protective. You are in control of what enters and exits your white bubble of protection.
  12. Spend Time Alone:  Sometimes, all your aura needs is a little “me time,” and that can mean doing anything that makes you feel like yourself or at least more connected to yourself. Anyone can support their aura by doing things that nourish them inside and out and taking time to sit in your own energy. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Try just taking a few minutes to be alone in your space for an aura in need of cleansing.
  13. Ground Yourself in Nature: Head out into nature solo, or, if you like, you can bring along a trusted friend who you know won’t cloud your aura. Sometimes all we need in life is to step out and walk into the hills. Whether a big ramble or a short stroll, getting back to nature – a beach, the forest, mountains, can be completely healing for the soul. Let the bird song, the fresh air and the light clear out the pollution of the modern world, leaving you connected to our more primal senses once more. Grounding practices like getting outdoors is ideal if your aura needs a reset.
  14. Do a Body Scan: Sometimes the tricky part about cleansing your aura is actually feeling what’s going on in your own energy field. Body scan meditation is a great way to drop into your body and connect to yourself. Start by taking a few slow deep breaths, feeling your feet on the ground, and running your attention through your muscles and the different parts of your body. This is to help bring your energy and attention back to you.
  15. Get Energy Healings: Sometimes you just need a realignment: energy healings can help clean blockages or balance misalignments. Healers also check for negative entities or emotional cords that may need to be cut. Don’t underestimate the power of these energy checkups. You might find that your mood swings and imbalanced emotions improve drastically with a little healing. 
  16. Smudge Your Aura Regularly: Smudging is a Native American practice using white sage to cleanse any negative energy. You can cleanse your house, people and things. Try smudging after you’ve had a lot of people in your home or if you feel particularly drained. Focus your intention on clearing negative energy to allow room for positive energy in your space and life.  Sage, Juniper and Lavender are three of the best herbs for smudging. Simply light your stick, breathe deep with intention, and start to waft over the body inch by inch, visualizing all the negative energy ebbing away.
If you want to keep your aura cleansed and clear then take a look at your surroundings and opt to spend time with people who bring light and energy into your world. If you are in environments that are negative and tend to be a drain, the chances are that you will be battling to keep your aura clean more often than those who surround themselves with love and light. 

Protecting Your Aura

You can take other steps to protect and strengthen your aura; these include massage, shielding, cord cutting, and heavenly intervention.

  • Try Reiki energy healing. This light touch therapy increases the flow of energy by helping to remove stagnant or blocked chi. A Reiki practitioner acts as a medium to receive divine energy and channel it into your energy field where it pushes through blocked chi to prevent further mental, emotional, physical or spiritual dysfunction.
  • Create a shield. Visualize a bubble or pod of white, loving light enveloping you. This shield of protection can repel any negative thoughts, feelings or other psychic attacks directed at you and prevent energy vampires from draining you.
  • Cut the cord. Invisible energy cords can emanate from you and attach to another person, place, object or situation. While positive cords of love can never be severed, etheric cords based on fear can be cut in order to prevent further drains of energy. Call upon Archangel Michael to use his sword to cut the negative cords or envision a laser beam from a favored crystal slicing through them.

7 layers of the aura

Everyone’s aura has layers. Each layer (and any issues that may be apparent from examining it) surrounds your body in a net of energy. An aura consists of seven auric layers (also known as bodies or planes), and each one represents something different. Think of them like the layers of the onion, with the middle being your physical body.

  1. Physical aura plane: As its name suggests, the physical aura plane is the layer that represents our physical health. It’s the layer closest to your skin. It’s also called the etheric plane.
  2. Emotional aura plane: This is the plane that corresponds to your emotions. If you’re all up in your feelings, this plane is going to show it. It changes color depending on your mood and will appear dull or smudged if you’re experiencing emotional turmoil. 
  3. Mental aura plane: This plane has to do with logic, reasoning, and thoughts. It’s the third layer out from your body.
  4. Astral body aura plane: Moving outward, this plane deals with your spiritual health. It’s also where you store your capacity for love. 
  5. Etheric aura plane: This plane is where you find your psychic abilities. Having a clear etheric plane helps you tap into other people’s energy and connect with people who are on a similar wavelength. 
  6. Celestial aura plane: This is the plane where your dreams and intuition are stored. It’s also the plane of enlightenment; someone with a strong celestial aura plane tend to be highly creative. 
  7. Causal aura plane: This is the last aura plane. It harmonizes all the other layers and essentially helps guide you on your life’s path. It contains all other layers, meaning it is the blueprint of your spiritual journey.

Love & Light, ·´¨¨)) -:¦:-
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