Salt Magick – Witch’s Ritual Salts

Ritual Salts invoke all the magick and energies within, creating a powerful addition to rituals and spell-work. These beautiful hand-crafted Ritual Salts contain the purifying, protective and effectiveness of sea salt enhanced with a careful selection of botanicals (herbs, spices, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, woods, and essential oils) that also introduce a natural expression of color and aroma magick.

Black Ritual Salt: A very powerful substance, Black Ritual Salt is purifying, protective and useful in banishing, binding and reversal spells.
Aroma Magick
: Sage
Color Magick
: Protection, Grounding, Hexing, Cursing, Cleansing, Removal, Concealing, Power Banishing, Binding, Repels Negativity, Reverse Spells, Dramatic, Classy, Formality, Ending an Unhealthy Situation, Honor and Respect, Deep Meditation, Unlocking, Divination, Bold, Mystery, Elegance, Strength

White Ritual Salt: Reach a sense of peace, purity and higher self and spirituality with White Ritual Salt. This protective salt enhances purification as well as complement virtuous spells and rituals.
Aroma Magick
: Jasmine
Color Magick: Protection, Cleansing, Healing, Ancestor Connection, Peace, Spirituality, Pure Works, Higher Self, Clarity, Pure Love, Psychic, Intuitive, Personal Growth, Goodness, Innocence, Fresh, Easy, Clean, New Beginnings, Purity, Truth, Harmony, Calming the Mind, Purification, Inspiration, Spiritual Strength, Enlightenment, Healing. It can be used in place of any other color

Red Ritual Salt: Bringing stability, strength, and willpower into magick, Red Ritual Salts are also helpful for grounding into the present and are known to fuel desire, passion and love.
Aroma Magick
: Cinnamon
Color Magick: Fast Action, Lust, Courage, Strength, Vitality, Passion, Protection, Energy, Charisma, Health, Defense, Love, Power, Heat, Potency, Stamina, Sexuality, Confidence, Good Luck, Willpower, Determination, Initiation, Aggression, Control,

Orange Ritual Salt: Attracting creativity and joy, Orange Ritual Salt brings energy to intentions and helps fulfill the goals one has set.
Aroma Magick
: Orange/Cranberry
Color Magick
: Business, Success, Creativity, Opportunities, Road Opening, Ambition, Goal Setting, Justice, Celebration, Attraction, Courage, Confidence, Friendliness, Intellect, Good Luck with Career, Networking, Legal Affairs, Stimulating Energy, Kindness, Abundance, Optimism, Comfort, Pride, Health, Attraction, Standing Out, Wealth, Youthful, Happiness

Yellow Ritual Salt: This bright and cheery helps focus on purpose, Yellow Ritual Salt invokes energies of confidence and brining more vitality to goals and dreams.
Aroma Magick
: Lemon
Color Magick
: Attraction, Good Fortune, Success, Focus, Creativity, Joy, Hope, Manifesting, Intelligence, Learning, Reason, Memory, Comfort, Confidence, Visualization, Bright, Energy, Intellect, Happy, Mental Blocks, Wisdom, Clarity, New Ideas, Logic, Positivity, Courage, Vitality, Progress, Focus, Mental Clarity, Communication, Cheerful, Attention, Child-Like, Fresh, Warmth, Optimism

Green Ritual Salt: Invoking energies of abundance, prosperity, money, luck. Green Ritual Salts aid with expansion of ideas and resources and promote growth, wealth, and fertility.
Aroma Magick: Pine
Color Magick
: Drawing Money, Finances, Employment, Attraction, Luck, Fertility, Healing, Growth, Abundance, Nature, Freshness, Charity, Prosperity, Vitality, Balance, Soothing, Eco-Friendly, Natural, Balance, Restful

Blue Ritual Salt: Calling the energies of truth and authenticity, Blue Ritual Salts aid in healing, communication, and expression.
Aroma Magick: Sweet Pea
Color Magick
: Travel, Court, Justice, Emotional Healing, Communication, Forgiveness, Calmness, Cleansing, Meditation, Inspiration, Creativity, Forgiveness, Psychic Ability, Spirituality, Higher Self, Tranquility, Loyalty, Security, Trust, Intelligence, Understanding, Patience, Honor, Fidelity, Health, Healing, Wisdom, Truth, Faith Stability, Power

Purple Ritual Salt: Helpful in tuning into inner wisdom and natural psychic abilities, Purple Ritual Salt helps in the search of answers from the universe and throughout a spiritual journey.
Aroma Magick: Lavender
Color Magick
: Magick, Manifesting, Psychic Ability and Power, Strength, Control, Power/Success, Authority, Hidden Knowledge, Influence, Wisdom, Ambition, Spirituality, Royalty, Nobility, Luxury, Opening of the Third Eye, Meditation, Deepening Spiritual Awareness and Knowledge, Divination, Inspiration, Empowerment, Enhancement, Insight, Self-Esteem, Mysterious, Child-Like, Creative

Brown Ritual Salt:
Aroma Magick: Coffee & Vanilla
Color Magick: Home Protection, Animals, Stability, Family, Material Goods, Earth, Harmony, Spirit Animals, Friendly, Outdoors, Longevity, Conservative, Grounding, Concentration, Searching, Stability, Integrity, Endurance, Hard Work, Balance, Courage, Grounding, Stability, Material Protection, Finding Lost Objects

Pink Ritual Salt: The color of love, it’s softer and gentler than red and great for self are. Nurtures relationships, Aids in Empathy and Understanding, Healing
Aroma Magic: Rose
Color Magick: Romantic & Self Love, Friendship, Money, Peace, Fidelity, Harmony, Communication, Emotional Healing, Caring, Nurturing, Weddings, Emotional Ties, Healthy, Happy, Feminine, Compassion, Sweet, Playful, Unconditional Love, Affection, Warmth, Joy, Forgiveness, Happiness, Reconciliation, Intimacy, Healing, Family, Selflessness, Socializing, Harmony, Tenderness, Sensitive, Sympathetic, Sexuality

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