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Virtually all salt on earth was formed in the ocean and is harvested from salt waters or earth (dried up salt waters). In its purest form, salt consists of two elements, sodium, and chloride. Naturally occurring, or unrefined salt generally has additional elements or minerals in trace amounts (algae, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium etc.).

Salt is a common component in magick spells, rituals, blessings, and offerings. There are various types of salt; some for cooking and consumption, some for healing, while other types are meant only for ritual-work. Magickal-work may be done with any type of salt. Some salts may be better suited for certain magickal purposes based on the intent and what they may be mixed with. Ritual Salts are crafted by combining botanicals or other substances with salt to boost intentions and/or powers. Whichever salt is being used, know that it can be used for Cleansing, Purification, Protection, and Casting Circles.

Sea Salt: Release and Cleanse Negative Feelings, Healing, Restoration, Consecration, Grounding
This mineral is used in purification and cleansing spells. Sea Salt is great for spells to help release and cleanse negative feelings. Associated with purity, protection, purification, and blessings. Sea salt may be used for spell-workings and magick involving water, oceans, rivers, lakes, marine life, in addition to all other magickal and cooking purposes.

Dead Sea Salt: Detoxification, Restoration, Healing, Banishing
Dead Sea Salt is popular in purification and protection spells and is dense with minerals (containing up to 10 times more minerals than normal sea salt). This salt is effective when used in rituals and spell-workings involving purification, healing, and banishing.

Himalayan Pink Salt: Love, Self-love, Romance, Friendship, Healing, Happiness
Enriched with red clay which contains iron oxide, this salt has gentle but strong grounding and centering energies, promotes love, happiness, and friendship. Iron represents the earth and the universe; therefore, Himalayan salt may be used in rituals involving protection during out of body experiences and journeys to other realms.

French Grey Sea Salt: Blessings, Balance, Community, Wealth
Also known as Celtic or Sel Gris, this unrefined sea salt is usually found on the coastal areas of France. French Grey Sea Salt has similar properties to regular sea salt, however because it is much more natural and purer, its properties are enhanced, especially when it comes to protection and cleansing.

Black Lava Salt: Shielding, Banishing, Traps/Absorbs Negative Energies and Toxins, Healing,
This salt contains activated charcoal, and is used mainly for protection and driving away evil. Use it to create boundaries with your enemies, binding-work, or journeys to the afterlife. It can also be used to return curses and negative energies back to their caster. Activated charcoal is an absorber, excellent at removing toxins, psychic and physical, making this salt work particularly well in purification rituals.

Alaea Red Salt: Blessings, Strength, Power, Love, Passion
Used in Hawaiian cuisine, for religious and spiritual customs and as medicine, the Alaea added to this salt gives it its red color and is actually volcanic clay that is rich in iron oxide. Alaea Red Salt is said to attract love and passion.

Epsom Salt: Detoxification, Restoration, Relaxation, Self-Care
Called a salt due to its crystalline structure and properties that mirror salt, Epsom Salt does not contain sodium chloride and is not in fact a salt. Containing hydrated magnesium sulfate, Epsom salts are a very old and effective remedy for many ailments. Magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin, making it an ideal option for Bath Magick, and can also be used for detoxification, relaxation, self-care and in ritual floor washes.

White Salt: White salt can come as kosher or table salt. White salts are like an “all-purpose salt” that can be added to spells, ritual workings and even cooking, especially for a Kitchen Witch.

Kosher Salt: Centering, Blessings
Unlike the name suggested, Kosher salt isn’t blessed by a Rabbi, in the accordance with the laws of Kashrut, but rather this salt is designed to be used for the koshering process. Kosher Salt is desiccating, meaning it removes moisture, this salt can be used in magic to quickly draw out or absorb negativity.

Table Salt: Centering, Good Luck
This salt is more processed than the previous salts, the industrial process that it goes through, causes it to lose most of the original minerals. Also, additives such as iodine and/or hydrated magnesium sulfate (to preserve texture) are added, however, using it to purify, protect, or in ritual is perfectly acceptable if you have nothing else.

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