Using Natural Salts – Magickal Guide

The way you use salt in your practice is completely up to you and only limited by your creativity and preferences. Salt acts like a filter, absorbing and trapping negative energies. including the thoughts and emotions of the caster.

Salt is a common component in magick spells, rituals, blessings, and offerings. There are various types of salt; some for cooking and consumption, some for healing, while other types are meant only for ritual-work. Magickal-work may be done with any type of salt.

Below are a few ideas for using the magickal powers of salt. Some salts may be better suited for certain magickal purposes based on the intent and what they may be mixed with. Ritual Salts are crafted by combining botanicals or other substances with salt to boost intentions and/or powers. If you have children or pets, please take care, and use caution when putting salt and/or herbs around your home or space.

· Spiritual Offerings – Use salt as an offering to a Deity, Goddess or God.

· Food Magick – Salt flavors, draws out spiritual impurities, cleanses and protects.

· Crystal Magick – Cleanse crystals and other tools by placing in a bowl of salt.

· Purification & Protection Magick

· Bowls of salt placed around the home absorb negative energies.

· Sprinkle around room or space for protection.

· Place in a container on your altar to protect from negativity.

· Place salt in the four corners of the room before spell-workings.

· Sprinkle over thresholds and windowsills to absorb negative energy and ward off negative spirits.

· Encircle outside the home or space as a protective barrier to ward off negative influences.

· Incorporate into magical sprays to cleanse the home or sacred space before ritual.

· Dissolve in water then sprinkle on a plant leaf or your hand to asperge the home or space.

· Sprinkle on floor and sweep it out the door to rid space of unwanted energies.

· Herbal Magick – Combine with botanicals, oils and/or crystals with similar properties, matching the magickal intent to potentially increase their magick powers.

· Spell-Workings

· Use to dress candles for the specific intent.

· Encircle your candle spells to protect the spell energy from negativity.

· Add to a spell box and place in room or space for protection or specific intent.

· Add salt to spell bottles, bags, jars, sachets, talismans and herbal pillows.

· Add a tablespoon to moon water to increase its purifying effects.

· Drawing/Sigil Magick

· Place a thin layer of salt or salt & botanicals on a surface (a tray, platter, plate or bowl makes for easier clean up), and draw your symbols with your finger, wand, wooden spoon, etc. The salt can then be collected to use immediately in a spell or saved for other magickal-workings

· Beauty-Workings

· Sprinkle a tablespoon of Epsom salt to the bath or foot soak to cleanse aura and aid in healing.

· Massage the skin by gently exfoliating it with a handful of Epsom salt and a tablespoon of bath oil to remove dead skin cells.

· Add half a teaspoon of Epsom salt to your face cleansing cream and use it at night before going to sleep.

· Apply a paste of Epsom salt and water to reduce inflammation, muscle aches, and bruises.

· Place salts and herbs in a hot bath. Water safe crystals can also be placed in your bath or around the edge of the tub. Be sure to place herbs in a tea ball/bag, organza or similar bag to keep botanicals from plugging drain & pipes.

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