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Define, Set & Implement Your Intentions

Define Your Intentions: Choose an intention that is true to your short and long-term goals, try not to be too materialistic. A good rule of thumb, when asking the Universe for anything is to focus on a need, rather than just a want. You may choose to write your intentions on a piece of paper or journal your intentions, crystals, feelings and results in your diary or Book of Shadows.

Set Your Intentions: Setting intentions can be a powerful way to clarify the direction that you want to take your life. Like goal setting, intention setting can help us sustain a positive outlook as we move into the future. Crystals are one tool that can help us work with intention. Begin by taking a deep cleansing breath, clear your mind of negativity. With a still mind, place a crystal in your dominant hand and focus on the physical aspects of the crystal, its color, weight, temperature, and texture. Contemplate your intentions and the specific actions you can take to accomplish your goal. You may describe this aloud or in your head. Consider the traditional intentions of the crystal, focus on the connection between your words and your crystal. Does the crystal align with your energy, intention, and goals? If so, repeat your intentions until you intuitively feel this energy connected with your crystal. You may want to choose a short affirmation to use to strengthen your mindset and resolution. Continue until your body and mind feel that your intention is set. Some people like to hold their crystal over their Third Eye, as they set their intention. Again, it’s important to do what feels right for you. If you do not feel connected to the crystal, set it aside and continue to your next crystal choice. You may revisit the crystal later in your journey or when setting other intentions.

Implement Your Intentions: Use what psychologists call “implementation intention,” which is a plan you make beforehand about when and where to act. That is, how you intend to implement a particular action. If you don’t plan out your behaviors, then you rely on willpower and motivation to inspire you to act. But if you do plan out when and where you are going to perform a new behavior, your intention has a time and a space to live in the real world. This allows your crystal to act as a cue for your new behavior. Basically, “When I [see/feel crystal or crystals] I will [affirmation/behavior].”

One way you might use implementation intention and crystals is to keep them close by during the day. Set on your desk or near where you are working “When I [see crystal or crystals] I will [drink water”]. You may also have crystals and stones fashioned into jewelry. This makes it easy to keep them within your aura, so that they can have the maximum effect possible. Macramé stone holders are a very affordable item to add to your jewelry collection and can allow you to change up the crystals held inside. A small cloth bag is a great way to carry them in your pocket.

Another way to use your crystals is by holding them in your hand before you eat a meal and using implementation intention may be an effective way to lose excess weight you haven’t been able to shift. “When I [feel crystals] I will make [healthy meal and portion size choices].”

You may choose to use your crystals while meditating or in mindfulness exercises that you can do wherever, whenever. Bring a crystal with you on the go in your pocket or in your bag. Hold it in your left hand (“receiving” hand). Pay close attention to how the crystal feels and to any physical sensations in your body. Focus on your breath as you hold the crystal imagine its energy as a bright white or gold light traveling all the way through your body to your right hand. As you feel its energy reaffirm the intentions you set.

Placing your crystals near your bedside or under your pillow is another way to use them. Their energy can resonate all night while you are sleeping.

Revisit and reset your intentions regularly to promote growth and inspiration throughout your journey.

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