Guide to Loose Botanical Smudging

Amaranth OneTwoThree
Removes intuition blocks, helps aid in healing, Adds in additional comfort to your sacred space. Healing, summoning spirits, healing broken hearts, protection from bullets, and invisibility.

Aspen OneTwoThree
Traditionally used for protection and the essential oils in the leaves work as a type of anxiety reducer. Aspen burns quickly. Eloquence, clairvoyance, healing, and anti-theft. Plant in your garden for protection against thieves.

Balsam Fir OneTwoThree
The Balsam fir tree has many uses and using the needles of this great plant as a smudge is just one of them. The properties as a smudge are calming and relaxing energies. The smoke is useful in detoxifying the respiratory system. This fir is the most common type of tree used as a Christmas tree, so for many the scent evokes a happy time.

Basil OneTwoThree
Has a variety of benefits which includes bringing about happiness, steadies the mind and peace within your sacred space.

Bay Leaves Healing, Psychic Power, Divination, Success, Abundance
Bay leaves have been known for centuries for their many beneficial properties, both culinary and for healing. The use of Bay leaves may help relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and increases mindfulness. The aromatic Essential oil that is activated in bay leaves while smudging is known to work as a mood booster. The Bay leaf has multiple uses from protection, healing and calming to success, victory and being an anxiety reducer. Smudging is known to work as a mood booster. The Bay leaf has multiple uses from Protection, Healing and Calming to Success, Victory and being an Anxiety Reducer

Blue Spruce OneTwoThree
It is used for cleansing purposes for serenity, grace, and nobility.

Calendula Abundance, Healing, Creativity, Emotional Stability, Positivity
The calendula flower can be used in ritual to inspire healing, optimism, and vitality and to attract success in every area of life. Its protective energy dispels negativity & draws in warm abundance, light, and love into the energy field.

Cinnamon Energizing, Motivational, Healing
Cinnamon is known for increasing energy and motivation and it even aids in healing. Burning cinnamon is best used if you have a cold or flu, The oils in cinnamon help relax, soothe, and uplift your energy. Increases energy and motivation and it even aids in healing, burning cinnamon is best used if you have a cold or flu

Catnip OneTwoThree
A therapeutic herb to use for smudging. Traditionally speaking, Catnip was burned for love, beauty, and happiness within the home or sacred space.

Clove OneTwoThree
Used to drive away hostile, negative forces. This herb is known as the Psychic enhancer. It is also used to produce spiritual vibrations and to purify the area.

Dandelion OneTwoThree
is associated with the elements of the air, Dandelion is used for divination, spirit calling, traditionally.

Ginger OneTwoThree
A powerful protective ingredient that can be found almost in every kitchen. The herb is used for protection.

Hyssop OneTwoThree
An herb with ancient connections to purification work.  Hyssop smells wonderful.

Lavender Peace, Calm, Balance, Clarity of Mind
Known for its healing and calming properties, Lavender is considered essential in the natural treatment of many hurts, both physical and emotional. Lavender is known for its soothing and calming effect on the nerves, relieving tension, depression, and nervous exhaustion. It encourages a restful night’s sleep as well as peace of mind, relaxation, and happiness. Burning lavender produces a sense of cleanliness, peace, and joy.

Lemon Balm OneTwoThree
spiritual cleansing + calm

Lemongrass OneTwoThree
Purifying and cleansing, Lemongrass’s scent encourages Clarity and Focus.

Mullein Creativity, Happiness, Self-Reliance, Sleep, Courage, Love, Health, Protection, Divination
Also known as the Torch Flower, it was once used as a base for torches. The leaves and stems were used as oil lamp wicks. Mullein literally brings light to troubled sleep, banishing nightmares. Mullein is a strong protector from evil intent. It can also bring courage and attract love. You can use as a substitution for graveyard dust.

Peppermint: Healing, Protection, Stimulates Conscious Mind, Exorcism, Maintains Health, Purification, Cooling, Uplifting, Energizing, Soothing, Calming, Prosperity, Dreams, Travel, Psychic Awareness
A powerful and magickal herb with many uses, Peppermint is an energy cleanser, that will loosen up energetic congestion and encourages renewal, positive change and promotes prosperity. It raises the vibration of spells, sachets, incenses, and potions.  A cooling and invigorating minty aroma that helps combat fatigue, uplifts the mind and dissolves unsettling thoughts. Peppermint invites positive changes to enter your life and connects you deeper into your inner self.

Rose Petals Love, Compassion, Open Heart, Healing, Meditation, Calming
Associated with the heart, smoke from roses may attract love, cast out negativity, improve well-being, boost mental clarity and cleanse your space and/or aura. Roses invite nurturing love into your home as well as open the heart to bring deep inner healing and self-love.

Ruscus: Thoughtfulness, Humility.

Staghorn Sumac OneTwoThree
The small clusters of berries and leaves of the staghorn sumac, after they have gone red in the fall have a very calming effect as well as a pleasant smoke (although not very aromatic).

Thyme Releasing Ceremonies, Courage, Protection, Clarity of Mind
Thyme is an excellent herb for removing obstacles, mind blocks, negative feelings as well as working as a memory booster. The ancient Greeks burned thyme in sick rooms to drive away diseases, clear the air and to invoke strength and courage as well as clarity of mind. Roman soldiers were believed to bathe in a thyme infusion prior to going into battle to increase energy and courage. In the Middle Ages, an image of a sprig of thyme was embroidered into the cloaks of knights to instill them with courage, protection & a clear mind. excellent herb for removing obstacles, mind blocks, negative feelings and it works as a memory booster.

Valerian OneTwoThree
Dried valerian flower stalks are extremely potent as both a cleansing herb but also in smell.

Yarrow OneTwoThree
eliminates toxins from the body

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