Grimoire vs. Book of Shadows

Grimoire, Book of Shadows, you have probably heard them both, sometimes used synonymously. They are practically the same thing; however, they are distinguishable and serve different purposes. They are books that contain a practitioner’s spells, mixtures, rituals, and all sorts of information for their craft. The difference between Grimoire and Book of Shadows is the personal connection.

A Grimoire is general knowledge like a textbook. This book contains collected information that can be used by anyone and passed down or shared with others. Research, notes recipes and more about botanicals, tools, correspondences, and such for learning and informational purposes.

A Book of Shadows is a very personal record of the owner’s personal path, beliefs, spell workings, intentions, rituals, and results, not generally shared unless the owner consents to it, like a diary.

Book of Shadows: or BOS, is used to store information you’ll need in your magickal tradition, whatever it may be.   a BOS is considered a sacred tool, which means it is an item of power that should be consecrated with all your other magical tools. In many traditions, it is believed you should copy spells and rituals into your BOS by hand; this not only transfers energy to the writer, but it also helps you to memorize the contents. Make sure you write legibly enough that you’ll be able to read your notes during a ritual.

Grimoire vs. Book of Shadows – What’s the Difference?


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