Dressing a Candle – Magickal Guide

Dressing a candle is one of the most important parts of candle magick. This helps you establish a psychic link between the candle, yourself and your intention. This process is known as “dressing the candle”.

Rub the Candle with Oil

Dressing the candle requires the candle and some oil (whatever you have chosen based on your intention). The basic idea is that you pour the oil on your hands and rub it on the candle. There are different opinions on the “proper” way to do this.

Here are some of the variations

· Rub the candle with oil from top to bottom.

· Rub the candle with oil from bottom to top

· Rub the candle from top to bottom to draw things to you; from bottom to top to send things away.

· Start at the center of the candle and rub from center to top, then from center to bottom.

· Start at the ends of the candle and rub oil from the top to the center, then from the bottom to the center.

Which one is right? I think that the most important thing to remember is that you should do what is comfortable to you.

Visualize Your Intent

More important than the way you rub oil on the candle is your mental state as you do so. As you rub the oil on the candle, you should be visualizing your intent and mentally, “pouring” that energy and intent into the candle. You may have a chant, affirmation, or intention statement that you would recite while dressing the candle. You should start to feel the energy building. Your hands may begin feeling tingle or the candle may begin to feel like it is pulsing with energy. This is good, it is a sign that it’s working.

Charge the Candle with the Energy and Intent

Continue to rub the oil on the candle for a couple of minutes or until you feel the candle is sufficiently charged. You may dress your candle well ahead of time or you can do it just before you use the candle.

Adding Botanicals to add Power to Your Candle

Select botanicals (herbs, spices, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, woods, resins) that correspond with your intention, hold them in your hand and charge them with your intent. You may wish to repeat your cant, affirmation or intention statement. Roll the candle in the botanicals or sprinkle the botanicals around the candle, whichever you are most comfortable doing.

Adding Runes, Symbols, or Words to Your Candle

You may also choose to scratch names, numbers, symbols, or meaningful words in the wax of the candle. You can use anything from a pin or ritual knife. This will add power to your candle-workings.

Cast the Spell & Light the Candle

Start by comfortably cupping your hands in front of your body, closing your eyes, and taking several deep breaths to ground yourself and center your energy. Meditate as necessary to relax yourself. Take deep breaths, release tension, and let go of intrusive thoughts and worries. Visualize your intentions as if they are already achieved. Try to feel the feelings and positive energies you would feel. Imagine what you’d look like or what your life would be like if your intentions came to fruition. With this clear vision in mind, you may repeat your chant, affirmation, or intention statement to raise the energy. When you feel yourself bursting with your intention in mind, light the candle.

Let the Candle Burn Out & Dispose of it

Make sure the candle is in a safe place and allow it to burn out on its own. It may go out before it is finished, or it might completely melt away into nothing. It is okay either way, don’t re-light it. Candle Stubs may be buried or thrown in the trash once flame is extinguished and wick has cooled.

Love & Light, ·´¨¨)) -:¦:-
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((¸¸.·´ ..·´ Trish-:¦:-
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