Color Magick Using the Spectrum

Colors can impact your thoughts and feelings and you can utilize Color Magick in nearly every aspect of your life. Home décor, wardrobe, gift wrapping, candles, soaps anywhere you intentionally choose to place color in your life can have meaning and intent.

The most common form of Color Magick is with candles, by using specific-colored candles to direct and boost the intent of a spell or ritual. For example, a red or pink candle for love or a green or gold candle for money. One of the fastest ways to add Color Magick to your life is to literally consume a food of the color you are seeking the intent of. Color Magick can be used to remind one of their goals, reinforce spell-workings, affect moods, auras, attitudes, and so much more. Below are a few ideas for using the magickal powers of color.

· Home & Space: Place items of different colors around the home or space to help create or emphasize different energies.

· Keep colorful vegetables and fruit on hand to quickly add a bit of color magick.

· Keep a painting of water, a blue bowl filled with seashells, or blue sea glass on an entry-way table to welcome peace into your home.

· Use warm light bulbs for bedrooms, living rooms and other spaces where you want to relax. Cool light bulbs for workspaces such as the kitchen, office, or den.

· Drawing Magick: One of the most efficient and economical of magickal-workings, drawing magick, can utilize runes, sigils, talismans, symbols, words, personally meaningful doodles circle casting.

· Create a personal sigil, using pen, pencil, markers, crayons or other writing instrument on paper, cloth, or other appropriate media. You may then use immediately in your magickal-workings or save for reflection or future use.

· Place a thin layer of colored salt, sand and/or botanicals on a surface (a tray, platter, plate or bowl makes for easier clean up), and invoke drawing magick with your finger, wand, wooden spoon, etc. The salt can then be collected to use immediately your magickal-workings or saved for future use.

· Drawing chalk designs is a very traditional way of temporarily infusing a space with magick.

· Use chalk and Drawing Magick as a powerful barrier against negativity, to create a sacred space, or simply to raise the vibration in your home or space. For example, draw protection, love or abundance symbols or other designs leading right to your front door.

· Write something you want out of your life- and then scrub it away.

· Customize altar cloths,

· Spell-Workings: Use Color Magick with candles, crystals, feathers, altar cloths, botanicals, tools, etc.

· Use Color Magick with botanicals, oils and/or crystals with similar colors/intent

· Carve your name into a pink candle with a toothpick, anoint or dress the candle with your favorite essential oil and botanicals, and then burn the candle for a self-love spell.

· Use Drawing Magick to carve into a candle of the desired color/intent, you may anoint or dress the candle with corresponding oils and botanicals and combine with meditation or other workings.

· Glamour Magick: The smallest dab of color can

· Use a manicure for color magick, paint your nails. For example, green during a time you could use some extra cash or blue if you are feeling anxious or stressed

· Wear a piece of jewelry, scarf or piece of clothing with the desired color/intent.

· Mindfulness Meditation: The basic laws of manifestation give us the knowledge that what we think in our mind we can manifest into reality. With Mindful Meditation and Visualization, you create an orb of Color Magick, surround yourself with the color/intent and allow it to permeate your aura, body, mind and spirit.

Love & Light, ·´¨¨)) -:¦:-
¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ Trish-:¦:-
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

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