Color Magick Spectrum Intentions

Learning the basics of color magick helps improve spell-work. Each color has general properties that most agree on, however the most important aspect of a spell is you. We all relate to colors in different ways, feel free to experiment to find what works best for you.

Red Color Magick: Love, Lust, Courage, Strength, Vitality, Passion, Protection, Energy, Charisma, Health, Defense, Relationships, Speed, Health, Vigor, Power, Heat, Potency, Stamina, Sexuality, Confidence, Good Luck, Willpower, Determination, Initiation, Aggression, Control, Strong-willed, Forceful, Hard Worker, Competitive, Impulsive, Fast Action

Orange Color Magick: Business, Success, Creativity, Opportunities, Road Opening, Ambition, Energy, Inspiration, Attention, Expression, Luck, Positivity, Kindness, Celebration, Goal Setting, Justice, Celebration, Attraction, Courage, Confidence, Friendliness, Intellect, Good Luck With Career, Networking, Legal Affairs, Stimulating Energy, Kindness, Abundance, Optimism, Comfort, Pride, Health, Attraction, Standing Out, Wealth, Youthful, Happiness

Yellow Color Magick: Attraction, Good Fortune, Success, Focus, Creativity, Joy, Hope, Manifesting, Intelligence, Learning, Reason, Memory, Comfort, Confidence, Visualization, Bright, Energy, Intellect, Happy, Mental Blocks, Wisdom, Clarity, New Ideas, Logic, Positivity, Courage, Vitality, Progress, Focus, Mental Clarity, Communication, Cheerful, Attention, Child-Like, Fresh, Warmth, Optimism, Abundance, Happiness, Depression, Energy Boost, Spirit Connection

Green Color Magick: Money, Finances, Employment, Attraction, Luck, Fertility, Healing, Growth, Abundance, Nature, Freshness, Charity, Prosperity, Vitality, Balance, Soothing, Eco-Friendly, Natural, Balance, Restful, Earthly Possessions, Business, Sensation, Health

Blue Color Magick: Travel, Court, Justice, Emotional Healing, Communication, Forgiveness, Calmness, Cleansing, Meditation, Inspiration, Creativity, Forgiveness, Psychic Ability, Spirituality, Higher Self, Tranquility, Loyalty, Security, Trust, Intelligence, Understanding, Patience, Honor, Fidelity, Health, Healing, Wisdom, Truth, Faith Stability, Power

Purple Color Magick: Magick, Manifesting, Psychic Ability and Power, Strength, Control, Power/Success, Authority, Hidden Knowledge, Influence, Wisdom, Ambition, Spirituality, Royalty, Nobility, Luxury, Opening of the Third Eye, Meditation, Deepening Spiritual Awareness and Knowledge, Divination, Inspiration, Empowerment, Enhancement, Insight, Self-Esteem, Mysterious, Child-Like, Creative

Brown Color Magick: Home Protection, Animals, Stability, Family, Material Goods, Earth, Harmony, Spirit Animals, Friendly, Outdoors, Longevity, Conservative, Grounding, Concentration, Searching, Stability, Integrity, Endurance, Hard Work, Balance, Courage, Grounding, Stability, Material Protection, Finding Lost Objects

Pink Color Magick: Romantic & Self Love, Friendship, Money, Peace, Fidelity, Harmony, Communication, Emotional Healing, Caring, Nurturing, Weddings, Emotional Ties, Healthy, Happy, Feminine, Compassion, Sweet, Playful, Unconditional Love, Affection, Warmth, Joy, Forgiveness, Happiness, Reconciliation, Intimacy, Healing, Family, Selflessness, Socializing, Harmony, Tenderness, Sensitive, Sympathetic, Sexuality

White Color MagickProtection, Cleansing, Healing, Ancestor Connection, Peace, Spirituality, Pure Works, Higher Self, Clarity, Pure Love, Psychic, Intuitive, Personal Growth, Goodness, Innocence, Fresh, Easy, Clean, New Beginnings, Purity, Truth, Harmony, Calming the Mind, Purification, Inspiration, Spiritual Strength, Enlightenment, Healing, Blessing, Regeneration. It can be used in place of any other color.

Black Color MagickProtection, Grounding, Hexing, Cursing, Cleansing, Removal, Concealing, Power, Banishing, Binding, Repels Negativity, Reverse Spells, Dramatic, Classy, Formality, Ending an Unhealthy Situation, Honor and Respect, Deep Meditation, Unlocking, Divination, Bold, Mystery, Elegance, Strength, Revealing, Dark Magick, Warding, Unblocking, Uncrossing, Divine, Death.

Gold Color Magick: Success, Wealth, Love, Luck, Happiness, Personal Power, Attraction, Risky Ventures, Masculine Energy, Money, Business, Prosperity, Valuable, Traditional, Enlightenment, Luxury, Confidence, Creativity, Vitality, Strength, The Sun

Silver Color Magick: Intuition, Psychic Ability, Dreams, Femininity, Glamourous, High Tech, Graceful, Sleek, Emotional Stability, The Moon

Bronze Color Magick: Business, Rewards, Professional Growth, Positivity, Friendship, Unity

Gray Color Magick: Security, Reliability, Intelligence, Solid, Neutralization, Status, Intuition, Balance, Receptivity

Tan Color Magick: Dependable, Flexible, Crisp, Conservative

Turquoise Color Magick: Spiritual, Healing, Protection, Sophisticated, Change, Travel, Intellect, Invention, Creativity, Humanity

Elements Color Correspondence

  • Fire: Red, Pink, Orange, Purple
  • Air: Yellow, White
  • Earth: Green, Black, Brown, Gold, Copper
  • Water: Blue

Days of Week Color Correspondence

  • Monday: Ruled by the Moon; white, silver, lavender, and pale blue.
  • Tuesday: Ruled by Mars; red, scarlet, orange, and black.
  • Wednesday: Ruled by Mercury; orange, and purple.
  • Thursday: Ruled by Jupiter; royal blue, purple, and green.
  • Friday: Ruled by Venus: red, pink, and aqua.
  • Saturday: Ruled by Saturn; deep purple, brown, black, and white.
  • Sunday: Ruled by the Sun; yellow, yellow-orange, neon shades of yellow and orange, and pink.

Love & Light, ·´¨¨)) -:¦:-
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((¸¸.·´ ..·´ Trish-:¦:-
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