Cleansing & Charging Crystals & Tools

Go with what supplies you have on hand, or what works for you when cleansing crystals and tools. Check first, some stones and/or tools are porous or fade in sunlight. 

Crystal/Tool Cleansing Methods

Visualization: Visualize a white light coming from the sun, the moon or the sky and direct it into the crystal/tool. See it cleansing and purifying any negative energy away.

Water: Run water from the tap or drop crystal/tool into a bowl of water. Allow the water to wash away any negative energy. Do this only if crystal/tool is water safe.

Incense: Light an incense or smudge and waft it over the crystal/tool or hold it in your hand move it through the smoke.

Sun: Leave your crystal/tool in the sunlight, either outside if it is safe or on a windowsill for an hour or two – until you feel it is cleansed.

Moon: Leave your crystal/tool in the moonlight, either outside if it is safe or on a windowsill for an hour or two – until you feel it is cleansed. This is best done under a full moon but work with the moon phases dependent on whether you want to work drawing-magick (money, prosperity, love etc.) which would benefit from charging under waxing moon. Crystals/tools that you intend to work releasing magic with would be better charged under a waning moon.

Earth: Bury your crystal/tool in the soil for a few hours – until you feel it is cleansed.

Air: Hold the crystal/tool in your hand and using your breath, blow on it, turning it around until you have literally blown away all the negative energy.

Sound: Place your crystal/tool down and drum around it or use a singing bowl, cymbals, or any kind of musical instrument of your choice.

Rice: Bury the crystal/tool into a bowl of dried (uncooked) rice and leave for a few hours, until you feel it is cleansed.

Fire: Light a candle and pass the crystal/tool just above the flame to cleanse. Take care and do not use this method on anything that is not fire safe.

Other crystals: Some crystals are natural cleansers.  Lay your crystal/tool that needs clearing on top of a piece of selenite or charging plate, a larger quartz or an amethyst cluster.

Herbs: Sprinkle a blend of herbs and/or petals over the crystal/tool or pop them in a pouch or jar that is filled with herbs and plant matter.

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