Choosing Crystals & Stones – Magickal Guide

By Intention: Different crystals have different traditionally accepted energy associations. Do not feel constrained by these associations. These associations can change depending on your beliefs and experiences. The most important rule in choosing a crystal is to do what feels right for you.

By Color: Depending on what sort of energetic vibe you’re looking for, choosing crystals by color can be helpful, as different colors are associated with different chakras, giving you an easy map to find stones that can help support your goals. Focus on crystals with colors and intentions that relate to the organs responsible for raising metabolism, digestion, and cravings.

By Intuition: Meaning you skip the research altogether and simply go with whatever crystals feel right. The more you practice opening yourself up to your own intuition and paying attention to the way your physical or emotional state changes in response to a crystal’s energy, the better you’ll get at intuitively choosing crystals that are right for you at any given time.

No matter how you choose them, always be sure to cleanse your crystals before working with them and take the time to get to know their energy in whatever ways feel right to you. The more you can be in the right relationship with the crystals you choose (or that choose you), the more you come even closer to the right relationship with your higher self. It is all about learning to listen and trust yourself. Cleansing crystals can be done with selenite, under a full moon, with smoke or salt, or by placing it in water. Find the best cleansing process for you and your crystal as some crystals are not water safe.

Define Your Intentions

Choose an intention that is true to your short and long-term goals, try not to be too materialistic. A good rule of thumb, when asking the Universe for anything is to focus on a need, rather than just a want. You may choose to write your intentions on a piece of paper or journal your intentions, crystals, feelings and results in your diary or Book of Shadows.

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