Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is a powerful grounding and protective stone, known as “The Master Protector.” It is revered as a premier talisman of protection, psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces. This member of the Tourmaline family can help with emotional stability as well as relieving negativity, embarrassment, […]

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Seeing Auras

What is an Aura and What does it look like? If you’ve ever been in a room full of people, you may have noticed that some people just seem to have a presence about them – an aura, if you will. Some people would say that’s your intuition or gut feeling. Others might say you’re picking

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Love & Light

Everything in the universe is made of energy, existing on different frequencies, making it either tangible or intangible to certain tools. Love is the frequency of harmonious expression to everything and everyone in the universe. This is unified by the energy extending before and beyond our journey Light is the frequency of life and wisdom.

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Salt Magick – Witch’s Ritual Salts

Ritual Salts invoke all the magick and energies within, creating a powerful addition to rituals and spell-work. These beautiful hand-crafted Ritual Salts contain the purifying, protective and effectiveness of sea salt enhanced with a careful selection of botanicals (herbs, spices, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, woods, and essential oils) that also introduce a natural expression of

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