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Everything in the universe is made of energy, existing on different frequencies, making it either tangible or intangible to certain tools.
Love is the frequency of harmonious expression to everything and everyone in the universe. This is unified by the energy extending before and beyond our journey.
Light is the frequency of life and wisdom. It tames the darkness and illuminates our journey in search of our true potential and place within the universe. Light helps us to see the universe. A sustaining force throughout life’s journey, it provides nourishment and guidance.

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Speak Your Inner-Truth

Not everyone will understand your journey, that doesn’t mean it is impossible or not worth it. Speak your truth with grace and power, pay attention to the things you are drawn to, they may connect you to your life purpose and path.


The Making of a Whispe

Having survived a long history of negative connotation, the term, “witch” is being used more and more in our everyday life. . In the late-1500s to mid-1600s in Eastern Europe and early colonial America, witches were named purely based on societal suspicion. For example, if a woman was outspoken, she could be called a witch. If she owned land or had a great deal of assets, she might have been accused of being a witch. If a woman was widowed or a spinster, she was considered out of the ordinary, therefore, she could have been deemed a witch. So, what does it mean to be a witch today?

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Witch's Ritual Salts

Witch’s Ritual Salts invoke all the magick and energies within, creating a powerful addition to rituals and spell-work. Our beautiful hand-crafted Witch’s Ritual Salts contain the purifying, protective and effectiveness of sea salt enhanced with a careful selection of botanicals (herbs, spices, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, woods, and essential oils) that also introduce a natural expression of color and aroma magick.

Available in beautifully decorated glass jars with removeable charms and refill bags.

Quick & easy tip:

boost intention by using Ritual Salts as a base in spell bowls!

enchantments » salts & spells

Witch's Ritual Salts

Everything in life is vibration.

Albert Einstein

Theoretical Physicist

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is a powerful grounding and protective stone, known as “The Master Protector.” It is revered as a premier talisman

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Magick Spelled

The term “magick” is frequently used in place of “magic”, and many people use the spellings interchangeably. Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), the first modern person to use the term magick, founded the religion of Thelema. Crowley started using the word “magick” and gave several reasons why. 


To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Inventor & Engineer

magick grimoire

Grimoire vs. Book of Shadows

Grimoire, Book of Shadows, you have probably heard them both, sometimes used synonymously. They are practically the same thing; however, they are distinguishable and serve different purposes. They are books that contain a practitioner’s spells, mixtures, rituals, and all sorts of information for their craft. The difference between Grimoire and Book of Shadows is the personal connection.


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Blog Posts

A collection of thoughts and takeaways as I perlustrate my life path and contribution to the universe.

Feather Magick

For thousands of years, Native Americans and other cultures throughout Central and South America have used feathers as sacred objects in rituals (also called a

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Love & Light

Everything in the universe is made of energy, existing on different frequencies, making it either tangible or intangible to certain tools. Love is the frequency

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